1415 NE 3rd STREET
BEND, OR 97701
JUNE 25.2011

Meeting called to order by Tom Fitzgerald.

Eloise Sweet read letters from:,
        Beth Hunter Wade; she included stamps in letter
        Beverly Barr; $100 check dues and donation
        Richard Shrout Secretary; explaining absence

Copies of previous business meeting are in registration packet:
Correction; Hunter Family Website address (

TREASURER: Nancy Sauers resigned Elsie Simmons has been acting as Treasurer.

Elsie Simmons gave treasure report. 
Eloise Sweet moved accept treasurers report as give. Second by Bill Hunter. Approved.
Election of Officers for 2011-2013.
        Chairmen:  Alice Alsobrook nominated by Tom Fitzgerald,
        Second by Bill Hunter. Approved
        Secretary:  Richard Shrout nominated by Elsie Simmons,
        Second by Bill Hunter. Approved                            
        Treasurer:   Elsie Simmons nominated by Elva Lee Blivens,
        Second by Bill Hunter. Approved  
        Corresponding Secretary: Eloise Sweet nominated by Elsie Simmons.                                         
        Second by Bill Hunter. Approved.

Selection of 2013 Reunion site: Offer by Alice Alsobrook to chair meeting in or around that area of Lexington, KY.
Motion by Bill Hunter to accept. Second by Elsie Simmons, Approved. Dates July 10-13.

Meeting adjourned. Acting Secretary Mary Fitzgerald

A reminder as usual we need money to continue to do mailings etc.
Dues for 2 years are $30.00. Donations are also accepted in any amount. If you know anyone who has not received 
communications, please share and contact me with name and address etc. Eloise Sweet Treasurer: Elsie Simmons 63308 Lamoine Lane PO Box 400 Bend, OR 97701 Prineville, OR 97754 541-410-9641 541-447-5339 I will be spending a few weeks in Kona HA. With my sister Lori Smith so if I don’t get right back to you please
be patient. Weather here in Bend has been awful or else I am getting too old, anyway I won’t miss the cold and slush.